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What To Do After Being Accused Of Medicaid Fraud




Medicaid is health insurance that is for those who have low income, and meet the requirements of the government to get this type of assistance. Usually, your income has to be at a certain level, and most times you have to have children in order to receive Medicaid. The elderly also receive Medicaid as well. When you fill out the form to receive Medicaid, you must fully disclose your income, living situation, and how many children you have. If you do not disclose all this information, especially the income you receive, even if it's just child support, you may then be accused of Medicaid fraud.

If you receive a letter or information that you are being accused of Medicaid fraud, it may be frightening, but do not fear. There are ways that you can fight the charges, especially if you have proof that you are innocent of the charges. Even if you can prove that you are innocent, you always want to have a lawyer to back you when you go to court against Medicaid fraud charges. Because you are going up against a prosecuting attorney, as well as a judge, you'll want to have someone in your corner as well.

By choosing to hire a medicaid fraud lawyer, you have chosen to try your best to beat the charges, or win and come out on top. The Spodek Law Group has the largest Medicaid fraud attorneys in New York and can represent you in your Medicaid fraud case. Whether you're looking to settle or beat the case entirely, called Spodek Law Group to represent you.